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Andy has completed extensive photo shoots for tourism organizations in New Zealand and around the world.

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Andy has met the adventure challenge with determination and specially made equipment to produce unusual camera angles

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Demanding commercial clients such as AMF Boats expect high quality images at the drop of a hat and at a fair price.

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Andy has photographed many different forms of wildlife around the world both above and below the water level. 

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Photography has provided many opportunities for world travel. Andy has taken photos for travel books, travel guides and magazines. 

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Andy started diving in 1973, qualified as a PADI OW instructor in 1979 and has been taking photos underwater ever since.

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“a picture representing a section of natural scenery seen by the eye in one view, whether it be forest, bush, mountains or lakes”

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People around the globe are all different. Photographing them is exciting and endless because the world is constantly evolving.

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Andy not only enjoys photographing motorsports, he has competed in many motorsport events including Targa Rally NZ.  

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A large event takes years of planning. The best way to promote your next event is with pictures which speak a thousand words. 

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There's only one chance to photograph your special day. Don't rely on a friend or amateur, put your trust in the professional! 

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Photographic art in which the subject is color, line, and shape rather than recognizable forms or a picture you can identify.

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